Our Process

Our process works around the clock to collect consumer requests seeking your products and services from websites, inbound calls, subscriptions, surveys, or events while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. Our Boss Leads technology combines deep hygiene, verification, and validation processes to enrich the data leads for boosting contact and conversion.

We love data and designed our process to help you unlock the value of useful data. New consumer requests are supported by opt-in TCPA, TSR, GDPR standards when storing contact details, transaction history, preferences, product requests, and habits.

All data is not created equal, Boss Leads unlocks verified responsive data lead customers.

The diagram below illustrates our comprehensive lead validation process using verified data and our powerful filtration engine.

Diagram Key

Stage 1

Data & Aged ​channel premium online, social, mobile, webinar, event, call, and affiliate customer requests.

Live Leads​ gather real time requests through our network and trusted affiliates.

Verified Data​ generates verified buyer appointments through our proprietary engagement platform.

Stage 2

Data Hygiene

  • -Profiling
  • -Modeling
  • -Validating
  • -Sanitization
Stage 3

Customer Confirmation

  • -Compliance
  • -Scheduling
  • -Identity
  • -Scoring
Stage 4

Quality Leads Delivered

  • -Contactable
  • -Qualified
  • -Conversion Data

Our Products


Our proprietary Boss Leads technology and elite team generate referrals and leads for every industry, in real-time. We offer live lead services that connect you to well-founded prospects.


Our robust data filtration engine ensures that the aged leads we provide are of the highest quality. Our advanced system has been developed to produce verified leads that convert at high rates.

Our Lead Store


With our Boss Leads store, your leads are delivered how you want them, when you want them. We ensure that you are in full control of what you purchase and are here to help throughout the entire order process. All of our direct sales and marketing leads are curated to fit your individual needs.


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