Our Company

We have been providing five-star businesses with five-star leads ever since our start in 2010. At Boss Leads, we come to work each day to break the “good enough” attitude.

Businesses today don’t always know why some data converts, or even if the list will return desired results. Our company takes delight in helping others utilize data to gain customers, create experiences, and understand more about their prospects. Our mission at Boss Leads is to collect responsive data and empower it with enhanced insights for reliable conversions every time. We focus on developing our robust technology and data solutions far beyond the competition.

As we hear it from executives, “this is simply the best data we have found.”

Our Philosophy

“Data can record observations about anything - qualitative or quantitative. We support the philosophy that data unlocks full communication potential. In our ever increasing and ever-changing world, we are as good as the data we utilize to serve our customers.”

Randy Winn, President & CEO

Our Leadership


Real people help put the polish on every lead we deliver to you. The driving force behind Boss Leads has been and continues to be the team. We hire curious people that aren’t afraid to ask if there is a better way, even before a problem exists.


Randy Winn


Randy is a forward thinker who has procured decades of experience with large and small businesses alike. Along with a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Randy has played a crucial role in forging Boss Leads from a start-up organization to the forefront of the nation’s most respected and trusted lead groups. He possesses an innate practical knowledge and understanding in the data world to help business grow.

Mr. Winn can be found growing Boss Leads on a daily basis by testing and discovering novel ways to use data for business customer acquisition. His focus drives expansion in verticals and application of products. Randy understands that people create value, and focuses his effort to develop a culture that empowers people to serve customers.

Tom Cutshall


Tom is a sharp entrepreneur with a talent for closing. His innovative approach to business is just as apparent as his ease of creativity. Tom’s experience spans not only teaching or lecturing at Universities, but also reinventing products. Tom branded and trademarked the Voice To Data lead product in 2009, and has continued a track of domestic and international ventures in the performance marketing industry. Tom seems to attract success wherever he goes, building businesses from the ground up and transforming them into multi-million-dollar corporations.

Mr. Cutshall can be found testing and inventing new ways to drive game-changing results with marketing channels. He has a passion for leading the private brand platforms for Boss Leads to cultivate consumer engagements.

Misael Cojtin


Misael has a proven history building and launching lead generation platforms. His humble beginning in the United States started with Walmart bestowing him the desirable Walton award. Misael’s inherent problem solving skills have made him an expert in his field of Information Technology. Misael has been accredited to being a significant part of brining Lead Generation IT jobs to Central America since 2008.

Mr. Cojtin leads an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment throughout the global team at Boss Leads. His dependable attitude trickles down to create platforms that support thousands of customers. Misael travels between North and Central America to support the fast-paced system development.

Kris Winn


Kris has always been in the business of leading people to success. She has decades of professional experience with managerial roles, equipping her to scale product lines in an organized fashion. Her keen aptitude for fostering meaningful relationships with people helps keep a growing business stay personal with internal and external stakeholders.

Ms. Winn is instrumental in driving profitability from the Data, Lead, and SaaS service channels. She leads and oversees accounting, sales, and customer communication teams. Kris enjoys traveling while helping keep Boss Leads methodically serving customers.

Jessica Carr


Jessica has been teaching students for over 10 years as a professional educator. Her passion for education has led to developing and sharing media online. Jessica has a background in content creation and journalism.

Ms. Carr serves as Content and Social Media Manager to connect consumers with relevant material. The years of classroom experience is now leveraged with Boss Leads network of consumer-facing informational websites. Jessica manages journalists in three countries to create community driven discussions.

Melissa Fitzsimons


Melissa has consistently displayed solid leadership qualities for over 15 years in several capacities. Her great success in roles such as Project and Client Success Manager over the years has been a strong test

Ms. Fitzsimmons serves as the Leads Success Representative to begin and nurture strong relationships with clients. She has been instrumental in the overall success of optimized lead flow. Her detail-oriented approach and amiable communication skills bridge the connection for vendors and data.

Gerardo Jaramillo


Gerardo has shown a smooth ability to architect and implement information technology for over 20 years. He is instrumental in the success of his team as he consistently builds and fosters a strong software framework.

Mr. Jaramillo’s role as Digital Marketing and Web Manager for Boss Leads has been a driving force in furthering tactical and strategic goals. Gerardo’s keen ability to solve multiple highly complex issues displays both leadership and a willingness to be a team player.


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